National service launches new website to bring quality health care to Indian country


For dr. Angela Troutt and dr. Kelsey Crown, both clinical pharmacists at Crow / Northern Cheyenne Hospital, Indian Country ECHO has been a “lifeline”. When the couple were first hired, no treatment was available for hepatitis C in Crow agency, the rural Montana city ​​where their hospital is located. As a result, according to Dr Kroon, patients suspected of having hepatitis C, many of whom were tribal members, were referred to hospitals in Billings, about an hour away. “Patients were given a checkup, only to learn that the treatment was not covered by their insurance. We wanted to bring hepatitis C treatment to this community. So we connected with Indian Country ECHO. The other providers have helped us to develop our knowledge and our confidence. , so that we could effectively treat our patients, and eventually we started our own hepatitis C clinic. ”

This story illustrates the widespread impact of ECHO on the Indian country. “So far,” said that of David Stephen, Registered Nurse and Director of Indian Country ECHO, “We have worked with over 450 tribes and clinics to provide clinical and public health training and expertise to some of the more rural communities. We note that the impacts are reflected outwards. For the more than 10,000 Indian, tribal and urban health care providers in India who have been trained in various areas of the disease, “ECHO is a game changer,” Stephens says.

In honor of Native American Heritage Month and to celebrate the award of a prestigious 2021 Outstanding Service Award by the National Indian Health Board, Indian County ECHO is launching a dynamic new website to help promote awareness of its services.

Website features include:

  • An Ask a Clinical Question tool, where healthcare providers, staff and administrators can receive quick answers to their pressing clinical questions
  • Quick access to more than 20 Indian Country ECHO virtual clinics, and
  • Inspirational success stories about tribes and organizations bringing innovative health solutions to Indian country.

To learn more and join the movement to bring high quality health care to the Indian country, visit

SOURCE Northwestern Portland Indian Health Council

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