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On Monday morning, the Joint Committee on Immunization and Immunization (JCVI) said all adults over 40 should be offered a third COVID-19 vaccine six months after their second dose. Following the announcement, members of the public rushed to the NHS to make an appointment, but the website crashed.

Many Brits have taken to social media to share their struggle to reserve a slot following this morning’s announcement.

A user @GuidingHelen tweeted NHS Lothian about their struggle to find a date in Edinburgh.

She wrote: “Over 60 and can’t get flu / recall appointments in the area at all.

“I tried to phone the website but apparently nothing is available anywhere anytime and of course you haven’t sent me a blue envelope!”

Ms Walsh’s frustrations were echoed by other Twitter users, who said they too had difficulty finding dates through the NHS website.

Andrew Rawstron noted that this was not the first time he had tried to reserve his jab, and described the experience as “frustrating”.

He wrote: “I’m trying to book my jab booster again today. The site offers dates (starting November 30) and then tells you they’re not available.

“I have tried about 20 dates offered on half a dozen sites and it always says that they are no longer available. #Frustrating”

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This age group was initially offered a single dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

So far, 12.6 million people have already had a third COVID-19 vaccine and Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Jonathan Van-Tam said the UK was moving forward at “a tremendous pace” with its recall program.

Jabs have been given to those over 50, frontline medical staff and people with health conditions that put them at greater risk.

Professor Van-Tam told a Downing Street press briefing that a successful recall program “can dramatically reduce concerns about hospitalizations and deaths from COVID over Christmas.”

He added: “It really is that simple and decisive.”

The health worker also advised the public to continue to wear masks in crowded areas and to get vaccinated, to help the UK have “as safe and disruptive a winter as possible”.

He said: “People keep asking me about Christmas. I think for Christmas and the winter season we can expect respiratory viruses to be present and we are particularly concerned that the flu will return. and making our problems worse, and it could be quite a bumpy few months ahead.

“But everyone has a key role to play in making the winter as safe and disruptive as possible.

“Wear face covers in crowded areas if convenient, increase indoor ventilation whenever you can, make sure you get vaccinated, and like any medication, make sure you finish the course.

“And when you are called for your call back, please move quickly so that we across the UK can start and finish this work.”

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